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Groundworks Farm offers positions for full and part time employment, students and those interested in learning more about sustainable farming. Details on requirements, responsibilities and how to apply are listed below.


Job Openings

Groundworks Farm has openings for the following positions:

November 29, 2018

–Part-time Farm Team Members.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to harvesting and packaging a wide variety of vegetables, trellising tomatoes and landscape work.  Part-time positions available.  Competitive Hourly Pay.

Are you a college student? Stay-at-home mom? High school student? We can be flexible with your schedule!

To apply please send resume and 3 references to


Apprentice. Stipend salary, housing, and some food are provided.  Apprentices are expected to work full-time and fill in where their help is needed.  Apprenticeship Program Description is below.

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Apprenticeship Program

We have an interest in training the next generation of sustainable farmers. Our apprenticeship is designed for young people interested in agriculture who want to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to pursue a career in successful sustainable farming in a fun and supportive environment.

Becoming an apprentice provides the complete experience of our farm. Apprentices learn and work in all aspects of the farm’s production, from soil preparation to harvest, from tractors to hand hoes, from administration to marketing farm products. During the course of an apprenticeship, participants are taught the essential skills needed to manage a diversified farm on their own. In return, apprentices are expected to give their labor for the daily working of the farm.

We are committed to teaching each individual apprentice everything you need to know to get started in farming. Ongoing mentorship after an apprentice’s time at Groundworks Farm ends is offered as part of the package. We want to see you succeed in sustainable farming.

We have a loose apprentice curriculum, covering topics such as crop planning, field preparation, marketing, CSA member management, vegetable storage, chicken slaughter and processing, butchering, pasture-raised poultry and pork production, cover-cropping and farm economics. Apprentices are encouraged to establish goals for themselves at the beginning of their season.  Margaret and Kevin are available to discuss and assist in future farming plans.

The work schedule is Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm (with one hour break for lunch) and some weekends. All apprentices also take part in a rotating chore schedule, with responsibilities one weekend out of the month. The full-season apprenticeship begins April 1 and concludes the day before Thanksgiving. Partial season apprenticeships during the summer months for those individuals attending school are also possible.

A stipend of $500/mo, housing, and farm food is included in this educational opportunity.

Anyone with a serious interest in agriculture and the physical ability to work will be considered.  To apply, send us a letter of intent and a resume.

Groundworks Farm - Opportunities

Summer-Fall Farm Shares
(June through November) Our Summer-Fall Farm Shares offer a wide variety of seasonal local produce, meats, eggs, cheeses and more:
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  • - Pasture-raised Chicken Farm Share
  • - Pasture-raised and Grass-fed Meat Share
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Winter-Spring Farm Shares
(December through May) Eat local healthy food all Winter and Spring with our Winter-Spring Farm Share options, choose from:
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  • - Pasture-raised Egg Share
  • - Pasture-raised Chicken Farm Share
  • - Pasture-raised and Grass-fed Meat Share
  • - Local Farmstead Cheese Share
  • - Whole-Farm Share
Our Farming Practices
At Groundworks Farm we farm with the health of the land in mind. We believe in transparency and want you to see how we do things. This is honest food. For more information, check out Our Farming Practices.