We are now offering shares for the 2012 Summer season!

For more information Check out our recently updated website:

6 Summer Farm Share Options:

1)Vegetable Share: You CANNOT beat this deal on produce at ANY grocery store.  This is sustainably-grown local produce for half what you would pay for conventional at the store!  See monthly produce availability chart on the next page.  Each week members are greeted with bins of freshly harvested produce to choose from (usually 12-20 different varieties).* The Share averages 1 bushel of produce each week and feeds a household of 3-5, or 1-2 avid veggie eaters. We grow everything on our farm.

*Note: Hebron pickup only has pre-boxed shares, 1 bushel per week.

2)Pastured Chicken Share: 2 of our Pasture-raised Chickens–dressed, whole and frozen–at each monthly pickup.  Chickens are approximately 4.5 lbs each. Total of 12 Chickens.

3)Pasture-raised and Grass-fed Meat Share: Average of 14lbs/month.**  Feeds a household of 3-5, or 1-2 meat lovers.  Free choice*** each month of…
Pork (our own) – Breakfast Sausage, Italian Sausage, Pork
   Chops, Roasts, Natural Bacon, and other tasty items.

Beef (Fox Brothers Farm) – Ground Beef, Steaks, Roasts,
   and other delicious items.
Lamb (Meadowview Farm) – Chops, Roasts, shanks,
   sausage, and other scrumptious items.

**All meat is frozen and either vacuum packed or wrapped in butcher paper.
***Hebron Pickup has pre-boxed Meat Shares, our choice.

4)Pasture-raised Egg Farm Share: 1 dozen of our delicious, fresh, deeply-orange-yolked, heart-healthy eggs/week.

5)VT Farmstead Cheese Share: Cheese from Southwind Farm, Twig Farm, Does Leap Farm, and Blue Ledge Farm.  Approx. 1 lb of amazing raw milk cheese per month—at least two different varieties per pickup, our choice.  The best cheese Vermont has to offer.

6)Whole Farm Share:  Sign up for all four options, for a truly local diet, and great bargain.

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