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  1. Your family will eat more produce.   A CSA provides a constant supply of fresh produce into your home.  You will definitely eat more produce with a CSA Share because you will always have some on hand when you are cooking.
  2. Cooking support.  A CSA provides you with relevant recipes and cooking tips each week to help you make the most of your produce.  Knowledgeable CSA pickup staff are always available to answer any cooking questions you might have.
  3. Community.  A CSA pickup is a community of health-conscious food-lovers who come together each week.  You might make some friends at the CSA pickups or seasonal potlucks.  Plus, CSA pickups are fun!
  4. Environmental benefits.  By joining a CSA, you know you’re supporting the most environmentally sustainable food delivery system that exists.  No middle-man, no storefront, short delivery distance, and less waste.
  5. Try new things.  Get out of your cooking rut and enjoy some vegetables you’ve never heard of.  You’ve got to cook and eat…joining a CSA can make cooking new and exciting every week.
  6. Save money.  You’ll save money by cooking with whole, unprocessed ingredients.
  7. Connection to the land.  Other than becoming a farmer yourself, there’s no more direct connection to your food, the people who grow it and the land that produces it than joining a CSA.
  8. Be happy and healthy!  Overall, I think your family will be healthier and happier when you join a CSA!  Health and happiness = priceless.

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