I am currently not on the farm.  I have left Kevin to his own devices to make a short whirlwind trip to see family in Virginia and Indiana before the season kicks into full swing.  I left the cold of Vermont, winds blowing, snow falling and landed myself in Alexandria, Virginia where the air was warm.  My sister was dressed to go to work in sandals.  I had yet to go a day without 2 pairs of socks.

The growing season at Groundworks Farm is so close I can taste it.  It feels that every day new life is slowly showing itself and emerging from its winter hibernation.  I am itching for when the ground will thaw and we can work it, turn compost into it, plant seeds, cultivate, harvest crops.  I know it is not so far away now.  I myself feel I am emerging out of hibernation.

But in Virginia the ground is thawed, the daffodils are popping out of the ground.  The garlic is 4 inches high.  The night air is not so cold.  The rain is not so cold.  I planted peas out in the garden and helped my mom start her tomatoes and basil in the basement.  I was able to taste spring.

Then we got in the car and drove west.  The snow has melted here in Indiana as well.  The ground is still a little hard, but the animals are starting to show themselves, squirrels in the back yard, deer running across the fields.  Even roadkill is a sign of hope this time of year.  Spring is on its way.

If you are intersted in signing up for our Vegetable CSA and enjoying the changing of the seasons as they take place at the farm, you can find more information on our website Groundworks Farm or click here for a registration form.

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