The shift has taken place in the air around us and I can feel the summer season creeping up. There are plants pretty much everywhere I look. There are plants in the heated greenhouse, small tomatoes and peppers popping up above the soil and starting to form into larger plants. There are heads of lettuce and bok choy, now in trays germinating, in a few weeks they will go in the fields and then before we know it the first week of June will be upon us and those lettuce and bok choy heads will make their way from the fields to your kitchens.

When the sun is shining the greenhouse fans are running, keeping the plants from getting to warm. Our germination room changes daily. It is a heated room but there is no light so we check the plants multiple times a day and if they have germinated we move them to the greenhouse. It is like a giant heated mat. The fields are drying out and begging to be tilled in. We have to be patient this time of year. We don’t want to plant to early and have everything ready the last week of May, before we begin our Summer CSA and after the Winter CSA ends.

The piglets that we have had in the woods all winter are finally starting to run around and grow. The ground is no longer frozen and they are rooting around like crazy. The chickens are starting to venture out further from their shelters to where the grass is green and lush. The farm is coming to life.

Thank you to everyone who has already signed up for our Summer CSA. We still have space, especially for more Produce Share members so if you have not yet signed up or think you know someone who may be interested please feel free to pass us along. Word of mouth is a big part of how people find out about us.

Have a wonderful spring weekend everyone!

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