When people ask us these days what there is to do around the farm the answer is always building things. This seems to be a theme for us because we have just moved our farm from one state to another there are a lot of new things to build as well as old things to put back together again.

If you were to pass by the farm today and you had not been there for a couple weeks you may notice a few new things have popped up.

The first thing was the walk in cooler, which is now being outfitted with a roof! The cooler was a generous gift that came all the way from Maryland. It is now standing outside right along the road and is patiently awaiting springtime when it will be filled with veggies.

Eric putting together the cooler
The cooler with some if its walls

The next structure that popped up was something called a “Garage in a Box.” We are very excited about it. It is a temporary garage structure that will double as both our distribution area and as a garage to put the tractor in during the winter. The first night we put it up there were some extreme winds and the structure was able to take it like a champ.

On the south side of the house we are in the process of putting up our greenhouse. This has been a place where we have received a lot of help and we are very grateful for it. Kevin’s dad took the greenhouse down in New Hampshire and put the hoops back up here in Vermont. Thanksgiving weekend we had lots of help from the Cadwell family putting up the supports. We are working on some doors and soon we will be stretching plastic and installing heaters and fans. Things are really coming along.  

And if your wondering what might come next, well before we get more animals they will be needing some shelters.

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