I hope everyone had a great holiday week! We are pumped to be back to delivering Shares this week.

I have been really appreciative of everyone in the past weeks who has sent me recipes and such.  Keep them coming. It it awesome to have a catalog to pull from when something pops back into the Share again.  Another great way to share what you are up to in the kitchen is on the farm’s Facebook page.

This week’s Produce Share is the epitome of the start of real summer food.  Tomatoes and basil are in the Produce Share and in the Cheese Share you will find some fresh mozzarella. If that did not make you feel like summer enough, I worked with Fifer Orchards this week to provide blueberries and peaches in the Share!

More than in past years you will continue to see us working with other local sustainable partner farms to fill out and diversify the Shares.  We are hoping this means that (within the confines of eating locally and seasonally) you will not tire too much of any one crop.  And it means we can offer you awesome items that we don’t grow on our farm, like the fruit this week.

We are also super pumped to be adding to the egg supply by working with a couple other farmers.  Anticipating that we would have a gap in supply coming up, we reached out to some other local farms.  Our grass-fed beef and lamb supplier (Valentine’s Country Meats) also raises pastured laying hens.  I also connected with Wholesome Living Acres in Pennsylvania. Between these sources we will have an ample supply of pasture-raised eggs. Now that we are working with a couple other farms we will even start to have a few extra again for those of you who prefer to buy eggs every once in a while from the store. We will still be collecting egg cartons for ourselves and for Valentine’s Country Meats if we get more back than we need.

Happy Cooking!

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