Sunday night we had our first light frost.  It did not reach much of the fields but it left a chill in the air and a reminder to us that harsher frost are soon to come.  We are harvesting peppers and eggplants still, as long as they keep producing for us.   You will be getting the first of the fall/winter broccoli this week in the share.  You will also see more sweet potatoes.  Now many of our sweet potatoes grew to be very big, so big in fact that some of them were sliced up a little by our potato digger when they were harvested.  They have dried up and are perfectly good sweet potatoes, even the ones that look like they have been sliced apart.  Another thing that you will see in the share this week is turnip greens (look for a recipe below).  Last year when we were distributing our turnips many people asked me about turnip greens.  Now often when the turnips are large enough to harvest the greens are not as tender.  So we are giving out the turnip greens now.  You will see that they will have small turnips on the end of them (some more mature than others) and you can use these as well or toss them in the compost.  They should be pretty tender since they are so young and small.

We are hoping to be giving out Brussels sprouts as well in the share this week.  Our early Brussels sprouts planting (which are these) have seen a few challenges on their way to becoming Brussels sprouts, the most unruly being harlequin bugs.  So while we will refrain from giving you the most damaged plants you may see a few damaged sprouts here and there.


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