This week has felt like a race against time.  Fall just keeps encroaching on us and finally we had to face it.  There were predictions or frosts for Friday evening and we had what I would call a pretty serious harvesting marathon.  We covered things with row cover, harvested tomatoes till dark and then harvested other things with flashlights.  It did not end up frosting and so this week we can all enjoy what may be the last of the frost sensitive crops.  This week we got all of our winter squash harvested and it is happily curing in the greenhouse as the temperature drops outside.  In the coming weeks we will continue to bring in produce from the fields and slowly put the farm to sleep. 

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One Response to Frost Predictions and Winter Squash

  1. WeldrBrat says:

    Happy for you! Cable news has been reporting expected shortage of the pumpkins and squashes, due to the drought in the south-central portion of the country.