I feel like in the short time we have had our greenhouse it has been moved and altered WAY more than your average greenhouse.  It is now pretty much all set for plant propagation and after all it has been through, I feel like that is pretty exciting.  
Kevin bought our greenhouse at a farm auction.  He and a friend took it down and moved it to the farm in Hebron, NH.  Then they put it back together.  A couple months later some doors were built.  The greenhouse was built on tracking so that it could slide from one spot to another spot.  It had no heater and one layer of plastic.  In Hebron it functioned as a hoop house.  In March Kevin planted beets and carrots inside.  This gave them a significant boost over other ones planted outside later in the season.  Because it was built on tracking it was able to move to a new spot where tomatoes were planted.  
This year we are building hoop houses and the hoop house from Hebron has become our greenhouse.  In it we will grow our seedlings for transplanting out in the field.  It will serve as a climate controlled environment for the plants in their most tender stages.  
It feels good to have the whole thing operating and we have tested everything out a few times.  Here is a photo story of the greenhouse and its move west, to Vermont.

Hoop house on a sunny day in early spring.
A Cold March Morning
Early Spring

The one night it got heated in Hebron.  The temp dropped pretty low after the carrots and beets had come up.

The height of the summer in Hebron
Tomato Jungle

After the plastic and walls came down in Hebron

Kevin put his dad to work taking down the greenhouse.

Rob also put it back together here in Pittsford.
After we got both layers of plastic on it.

Sunny winter day

Heater to keep our seedlings warm and pallets to put them on.

There is even a place to hang your coat!

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