Last week we launched a kickstarter campaign to help with some of the expenses of moving and starting our farm over again.  If you have not heard of kickstarter before it is a fundraising platform for all kinds of projects and small businesses. The way it works is an all or nothing model where we set a fundraising goal and an amount of time we can raise the funds in and seek out folks to make pledges towards our campaign.  If we have met our goal by the end of the project everyone who made a pledge is charged for the amount they pledged and we distribute your rewards that you can pick out on the page for making a pledge.  We are a week in and about 30% of the way towards reaching our goal of $10,000.  We only have till the end of March to reach the goal.  So we are turning to all the fans of the farm to make a pledge, it can be as little as $1. Each pledge brings us closer to our goal.

If you are interested in recieving more than one reward, just make a pledge that matches the value of all the rewards you would like, choose one of them and then send us a message letting us know what other rewards you would like to receive.

You can click here to go to our kickstarter page and make a pledge.

Here is our kickstarter video. Watch it, Share it, tell your friends.

Margaret and Kevin

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