The goal on the farm for the next couple weeks is to harvest everything that is still out there.  We have rows and rows of beets and carrots which we harvest and stack in our root cellar, storing them for the winter months.  There are also still cabbages and leeks in the field as well as the greens that are still showing up in the share.  Other than that much of the share is now being pulled out of the root cellar, instead of the ground.  The garlic in the share this week is strong in flavor and potency.  It was planted last November, harvested in July and left to dry in the barn since then.  Last week we cut all the garlic down and sorted it into groups.  The largest bulbs with the most cloves went in one bucket, to be separated into individual cloves and planted to grow more garlic.  Then we planted most of that garlic.  The rest of the bulbs were cut and placed in buckets to distribute to you all for the next couple weeks.  In the share this week we included sweet potatoes.  Sweet potatoes are a hot-climate crop and I was excited to embrace the challenge of growing them in a cool climate with a short growing season.  There are so many things that can be done with these little gems.  I am excited that they were such a success. 
Here on the farm we are harvesting and putting the farm to sleep.  We have one more week of CSA distribution for the main season.  We are all sold out of our Winter Vegetable and Egg Shares and are very excited about the Winter Shares.  If you are interested in a Winter Chicken Share or a Winter Meat Share and you have questions please let us know!

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