We have started construction on our hoop houses.  In some ways the race is on.  Our three unheated greenhouses have a seeding date of March 11.  That is the day that we plan on planting beets and carrots inside of them.  This will require there to be not only no snow on the ground but also workable soil.  Less than a month away and there are several steps that must be completed leading up to planting.

First the metal poles that will become the hoops arrived and we bent 16 of them on the jig in the barn that Kevin built.  It is simply a matter of wedging the pole in the right spot and using a lot of strength to make the poles bend.

Then we placed (pounded being the more appropriate verb) rebar in the ground where the poles will need to be anchored.  It seems all the warm weather we have had was a real blessing because the rebar did go into the ground.

Rebar is lined up and ready for the hoops.

After that we brought the bent frame over and set it up.

So now we have the frame of one of three hoop houses up.  The plastic that will go on them should be arriving any day now and the sooner we get it up the better so that the snow can melt and the ground can thaw.

Check back soon for more progress on the hoop houses!

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