“I’ve sure enjoyed the rain.  But I’m looking forward to the sun.”
-The Dixie Chicks

In the spring I find it is easy to complain about the weather.  It’s too wet, and then it seems to cold, too hot, whatever.  What is harder to do is to appreciate the weather and actually work with it.  We can do greenhouse work while the rain pours down outside and when the sun decides to make a cameo appearance, we rush out and prep beds for seeding, seed, and transplant crops.  There is a comfort that the rain has brought to me, after a long and extra snowy winter, it is nice to know that it is now warm enough for rain.  The crops that we have seeded are taking advantage of the rain.  A walk around the farm today brings sights of many small crops popping up out of the soil.  Beets and carrots are thriving in the hoop houses.  Outside spinach, onions, peas, carrots, beets, lettuce and more poke out from underground.  Transplanted lettuce forms solid red and green blocks of color in the field.  Under row cover, which protects crops from damage done by flea beetles and other insects, cabbage, collards and kale are thriving after having been transplanted.  The buds on the trees are turning green and opening up.  The grass is starting to grow, bugs are arriving, birds are singing in the morning.  There is life to be found everywhere.  

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2 Responses to I’ve Sure Enjoyed the Rain

  1. Jessie! says:

    nice song lyric/quote choice..
    ..very familiar..

  2. Gary Hutton says:

    I have had a garden for thirty years. Currently it is not bigger than 20 feet by 30 feet. I look forward to another year of growing in the garden. And now I have read the words that describe my feelings about the garden. Thank you. Cousin Gary