Last week seemed to fly by.  We got a little closer to a mostly empty greenhouse.  Yesterday I got seeds in the ground for early fall greens and left a few beds empty so we can finish up the transplanting.  We caught the last batch of meat chickens for the season this morning and they are on the road to a butcher shop.  Next up I will get the winter beets in the ground and small amounts of storage radishes and turnips and the planting part of the season is coming to an end.  We are looking at an abundant harvest of butternut squash and are hoping to not see to much rain or anything that could cause it to rot before we bring it out of the field.  The tomatoes don’t seem to be stopping yet and we will continue to be putting them in the share in abundance as long as we have them.  Did you know you can chop up tomatoes without peeling them or anything and put them in the freezer to use in the winter? We also have lots of tomatoes available in bulk so it is a great time to experiment with preservation.  It is strange with the cool weather we have been having, as well as starting to feel like the bulk of our work is centering around fall and winter crops it is hard to believe that it is still August, until the sun starts to beat down and we get a friendly reminder that it is not really October, it just kind of feels like it.  All this being said we seem to be as busy as ever as we work to harvest tons of tomatoes and everything else for the shares.  And so I am off for another harvest day we look forward to seeing you all this week!



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