Ever since I began farming and became increasingly interested in agriculture I have found that the experience of shopping for and preparing food has changed for me.  I find that the more I learn the harder it is to eat.  For me this dilemma can be solved by becoming a farmer and growing almost all of my own food.  However, I realize that is not necessarily a realistic solution for most people.  So how can we feel good about what we are putting in our bodies and read past all the labels and promises?  The answer is not easy.  There is not one answer.

Today when I walk into a grocery store there are many things that I notice that I don’t think I was aware of before.  Walking through the produce isles I notice the quality of the food in the grocery store.  When visiting this summer my mom was appalled with me for sending basil down to the pigs for them to eat because we had picked it a couple days beforehand.  She thought it looked better than what she could buy at the grocery store.  

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