We may finally be able to see the end of the mountains of squash that we have all be racing to find different things to do with and we are now moving into everyone’s favorite time of year as we begin to burst forth with a steady supply of tomatoes and melons.  We grow a variety of different kinds of watermelons so depending on which one you pick out you may find the inside to be ripe, but yellow or orange.  We will be harvesting squash again today but the plants that we have been harvesting from are beginning to see some mildew and disease.  In order to prevent that from spreading to nearby melons and winter squash we instead are going to till them in and wait for later plantings to come on, both giving you all a break from the abundance and a chance to eat tomatoes and other summer treats.  I have been on a pizza cooking kick.  It is mostly because, if you have some dough pre-made ahead of time, you can basically make up a pizza in a few minutes, pile it high with tomatoes, kale, and squash (whatever is in need of use) and cheese and you have dinner in 20 minutes.  This comes in handy when I don’t make it inside to cook dinner until we are very impatiently looking for something to eat.  You can then accompany it with a lettuce free salad (again, use up some tomatoes and cucumbers) and in an instant you have found a use for several different parts of the share.

We are now in the process of getting everything in the ground for the winter.  This week we will plant our winter carrots and then beets to follow.  The potato harvest is not far off and we are looking at a huge haul of potatoes that will start to show up in the share as soon as we get them in the ground.  We also are seeding in the greenhouse for the fall with late season broccoli and others.  And this past week Kevin was out on the cultivating tractor all week and the result is a temporarily weed free cabbage field for all of our fall and storage cabbage.  The greenhouse is getting emptier by the day as we get the last of everything transplanted and the season is taking a turn towards harvesting instead of weeding and planting.

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