So looking at the blog has made me feel pretty bad lately seeing as nothing has been posted all season.  As this has been a start up year things have been pretty crazy and I am just now catching up with communicating with the outside world.  I will be posting some past newsletters and such to update what has been going on on the farm.  In the meantime here are a few pictures from the season!

It takes a lot of trucks and trailers to move a farm
Snapping turtle in the driveway-early spring
Springtime greenhouse full of transplants
Lettuce transplants loaded up and ready to go
High Tunnel Construction
Tomato plants in the greenhouse
Sunny afternoon cultivating aka killing weeds!
Planting tomatoes with the help from our friends at La Prima Catering and Vin 909
e fr

Driving our new tractor home from the dealership-it only took an hour to get back :)
Spring Fields
Watering the Greenhouse
Peggy and John- Viscious guard dogs
Green butterhead Lettuce
Sunset behind the greenhouse

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