One of the most exciting topics here at Groundworks Farm seems to be the pigs.  When are they coming?  How may will there be?  When can we eat them?  These are questions that everyone seems to be asking.

Warm Sleeping Area

This week has had a lot of time dedicated to creating a happy home for our piglets.  First it involved creating a pen for them inside the barn where they will be able to get out of the cold.  Then we created an area, secured off with 2 fences for extra safety, where they can get outside.  Then it snowed 2 feet and we realized we needed more lines, just in case more snowstorms came and our pigs could not see any kind of barrier.



Kevin built a feeder and a waterer for them.  We tested everything out for a few days and it seems like everything is working very well.  The electric fence is powering through, even with the snow pressure and the feeder and waterers are awesome creations.  We bought some feed for them and now all we need is the pigs!

So keep your eyes out for some happy piglets on the farm!

The View for the Pigs

Groundwork Farm Pasture-raised Pork will be available for purchase starting in June 2011.  For more information on purchasing our pork and other meat products click here!

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