You always here the old jokes about complaining about the weather or talking about the weather because you don’t have anything else to say. But what about when your life, your well being and everything you have is tied to the weather. I don’t like to complain about the weather. I find it annoying because you can’t change it, it is what it is. But I do obsess over it in a different way than most people I know. For the majority of people I imagine looking at the weather is a tool. It helps you determine how to dress and if you need a jacket/umbrella etc that day. It helps you decide if it is a good weekend to go hiking or if it is better spent working on inside projects. There are two things that dictate my every move during the summer. Those are weather and the CSA delivery schedule. Those two things are how I determine what I will do each day. I want to plant seeds in the ground right before it rains, but not right before it rains for days on end, as the seeds could rot. Tuesday may look like a good day but we are harvesting so it will have to be Thursday. These are the kind of things we are constantly trying to work out in order to make sure everything that needs to happen each week actually happens.

Every day, long before the sun comes up and our crew arrives we sit down and make a list of what needs to happen that day. Every day we cross things off the list, but most days as we cross things off, we think of new things to add. And thus we push forward each day in that way. It is this time of year that our bodies start to try to tell us to stop, and yet there are a few more things that we still want to push forward before we can pause for a day. This week some of the latest fall harvest crops will be seeded, Lettuce and a couple other things will be transplanted and more will be planted in the greenhouse. Once these few days of rain pass we will see if we can make those things happen or if the wet fields will demand that we wait a week. Soon seeds will arrive in the mail for some crops we plan to overwinter, plant late so they just get a start, let them die back, but then they make a comeback in the spring and are stronger and earlier than ever!

It all hinges on the weather. Nobody is complaining today as we harvest in some rain, preferable to the brutal heat of last week. Look out in the shares as you may see a little more dirt this week, the hard rains jump up and splash mud on everything.


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