Groundworks Farm, WINTER-SPRING CSA 2020-2021

What is a CSA Share (AKA Farm Share)?
Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a model that is growing in popularity. It provides a direct connection between a customer and farmer, and it’s good for everyone involved. The Farmers (that’s us) get important cash flow at the beginning of the season, and the Shareholders (that’s you) get the best assortment of local produce, eggs, meat, and cheese available, a healthy diet, a great deal, and a community of like-minded Members.  Most of these Shares are designed to supply a 3-5 person household or 1-2 avid cooks. Don’t think you can eat it all? Share it with a friend!

Local Farm Store
The Farm Store is a convenient and diverse collection of high-quality, local food products from our friends offered for sale at EVERY CSA PICKUP. This farmers' market-style store gets set up at each CSA pickup.  We accept credit cards!
Winter-Spring Produce Share
- $603 - Discover the bounty of the Winter and Spring Seasons at Groundworks Farm.  Our Winter-Spring Organic Produce Share runs December through May with biweekly pickups. It includes a variety of Certified Organic fresh-cut field and hoop house greens (spinach, kale, lettuce, arugula etc.), fresh apples, storage crops (carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, turnips, parsnips, daikon radishes, rutabagas, celeriac, kohlrabi, cabbage etc.), Brussels sprouts, winter squash, onions, garlic, leeks, and more. The month of May brings strawberries and asparagus. We partner with several other local Organic growers to bring you the best Shares possible.  There is very little repetition of produce and each pickup is fresh and exciting!
Winter-Spring Pastured Egg Share
- $118 - 2 dozen delicious, fresh, deeply-orange-yolked, heart-healthy eggs at each pickup.  18 dozen eggs total.  Miss a week?  Just catch up the next week.
Winter-Spring Pastured Chicken Share
- $225 - Two Pasture-raised Chickens--dressed, whole and frozen--at each monthly pickup.  Chickens are approximately 4 lbs each.  Total of 10 Chickens.
Winter-Spring Grass-fed / Pasture-raised Meat Share
- Regular Size - $490. Mini Size - $265. - Choose a Regular or Mini Share.  Regular Shares supply a household of 3-5, or 1-2 meat lovers.  Mini Shares are for more occasional meat eaters.  Each month members choose free-choice from... - Pork (Miller Family Farm, other local farms) - Breakfast Sausage, Italian Sausage, Pork Chops, Roasts, Natural Bacon, and other tasty items. - Beef (Miller Family Farm, Wolf Creek Farm) - Ground Beef, Steaks, Roasts and other delicious items. - Lamb (Miller Family Farm) - Chops, Roasts, Shanks, Sausage, and other scrumptious items. -Wild Caught Seafood (Wild for Salmon) - Salmon, White Fish, Scallops and more.
Winter-Spring Local Artisan Cheese Share
- $103 - Cheese from Chapels Country Creamery, Firefly Farm, Chesapeake Bay Farms, P.A. Bowen, Cherry Glen Farm and other local farms.  Approx. 1 lb of amazing raw and pasteurized milk cheese per month—at least two different varieties per pickup, our choice.  The best cheese the area has to offer.
Winter-Spring Whole Farm Share
- $1539 with a Regular Meat Share. $1314 with a Mini Meat Share. - Sign up for all five options for a truly local diet, and great bargain.  Eat like a king.  Produce, Eggs, Chicken, Meat and Cheese!